Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Contrabass Clarinet

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Contrabass Clarinet

What comes into your mind whenever you hear about a clarinet? Maybe you think of it as something high-pitched and squeaky. If you want to buy the right contrabass clarinet, you need to know what to look for. The contrabass clarinet belongs to the larger clarinet family. With the B flat key, it is similar to the bass clarinet and standard clarinet. Since it is bigger as compared to others, its playing style is quite different. When shopping around, follow these tips to get the right contrabass clarinet.

Play Other Clarinets

You should note that this clarinet is not ideal for beginner players. If you are starting out, you should consider taking time to plan how to play it. Also, you need to understand how to create different notes, the right breathing techniques, and read music. It is advisable to start with the bass clarinet and then transition to this clarinet. This will allow you to experiment with a range of sounds.

Research Specifications

As you continue playing other clarinets, you should take time to learn and understand the important features of the contrabass clarinet. Remember that specifications are similar to other instruments. However, you need to have a clear understanding of the vital features you need. This is because you might take a while before purchasing another contrabass clarinet.

When you get the right features and specifications, you can avoid expensive upgrades. Also, it will take years before you purchase another instrument with new features. Nowadays, you can get clarinets available in both wood and plastic material. The wooden one is more expensive than the plastic clarinet.

Get Appropriate Accessories

Once you master playing the contrabass clarinet, you should consider buying the required accessories. Also, the different size is an indication that the current reeds and mouthpiece might not work. Make sure you get the best reeds and mouthpieces for practice. Accessories are a perfect way of introducing yourself to new instruments.

Go for Used Contrabass Clarinets

If you are on a budget, you should consider purchasing used contrabass clarinets. The truth is that getting a used one is not an easy task. There is a need to be patient. You can find used clarinets at lower prices. With good research, you can find great deals. In fact, you can find contrabass clarinets that are hardly used.

The other reason to consider buying used instruments is their availability. Always go for used ones if you do not plan to go for an upgrade soon.

Set a Budget

Once you have decided you want to purchase a contrabass clarinet, you should start saving for it. Although contrabass clarinets are relatively cheaper, you will find them more expensive than most musical instruments. When you start saving now, you can have adequate money to buy great clarinets.


Getting the right contrabass clarinet is not an easy task. You need to follow the above tips and know some of the great brands. These tips are meant to make your work of finding a perfect clarinet easy. In this way, you do not have to waste time on clarinets that are of poor quality.